Park Tool Delivers a Big Rolling Tool Kit, SRAM Maven Bleed Adapter, Bigger Spoke Wrench, More

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    Before you even know you need it, Park Tool is probably already working on it. Every time we catch up with the iconic blue tool company, they always seem to have at least one new tool – though usually it’s many. That was the case again at Sea Otter this year, with a wide range of new tools (and a giant tool kit) to address widely different needs.

    BRK-1 – Big Rolling Kit

    Calling it the ultimate mobile mechanic tool kit, the BRK-1 consists of “nearly 90 professional-grade” bike tools. The entire kit fits inside their waterproof BX-3 Rolling Big Blue Box allowing you to check it on an airline. The BRK-1 sells for $1,995.95.

    TH-3 – Tap and Bit Driver

    (Description from Park Tool)

    The TH-3 is a low-profile driver for both hex drive bits and small frame taps. With its small size and convenient round shape, the TH-3 makes quick work of jobs in tight places, clearing obstacles that would impede standard tap handles or hex wrenches. Ideal for restrictive areas such as water bottle cages and rack mounts. 

    One side accommodates most square shank frame taps up to M6, including the Park Tool TAP-7, TAP-8, and TAP-9, and features a set screw for solid fixturing during use. The other side accepts standard 1/4″ hex drive bits (not included) which are held in place using a strong retaining magnet.


    • 35 mm (1.375″) diameter x 20 mm (0.78″) thick
    • Accepts taps with square ends up to 5 mm wide
    • Accepts standard 1/4″ hex drive bits

    MSRP $26.95

    2602A – Adapter for SRAM Bleeding Edge with O-Ring

    New brakes require new bleed fittings. The 2602A is designed to work with the Park Tool BKM-1.2 bleed kit to allow you to bleed the new mineral oil based SRAM Maven brakes (or any other SRAM mineral oil system with the Bleeding Edge port). Add one of these to your kit for $7.64.

    THS-1.2 – Trailhead Workstation

    (Description from Park Tool)

    The THS-1.2 is a great addition to any trailhead, park, campus, apartment building, school, bike shop or anywhere else riders may need some help to get back on their bikes. This weather-proof stand features a super-stout cradle stand to get both wheels off the ground, making any adjustment easier. includes six carefully-chosen tools capable of helping with a wide variety of minor repairs and adjustments, securely mounted on vinyl-coated 1/8″ galvanized cable. All-steel construction, plated then powder coated to withstand the elements, with tamper-proof assembly fasteners for added security. Can be bolted directly to an existing post, permanent structure, or to the THP-1 Post (available separately).

    MSRP $499.99

    Just when you think you have every bottom bracket socket in the world, along come ebikes with different lockrings that require a deep socket. The LRT-5 is the latest to work with direct mount chainrings on Fazua Rid 60 ebike drivetrains.


    • Fits lockrings with a 41 mm outside diameter and 16 notches including Fazua® Ride 60 e-bike drivetrains.
    • MSRP $33.95

    SW-6 Spoke Wrench – 3.7 mm

    Another ebike change – bigger spokes and nipples are often used on hub drive ebikes. Those require new spoke wrenches like the SW-6 for 3.7mm (0.146″) nipples.


    • Sized for spoke nipples with 3.7 mm (0.146″) wrench flats
    • This size can be found on some hub-drive e-bikes — always measure to be sure

    MSRP $8.95

    1971 – Clamp Adapter for D-Shaped Seat Posts

    If you are working on a bike with a D-shaped seatpost, it might not fit well in the repair stand clamp. Enter the 1971, an inexpensive insert that fits in to the back of the clamp jaw to provide a flat surface. The adapter runs $7.73, and is easily installed or removed by hand.

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