Usyk threatens Fury and his father with aggressive, frightening message after altercation

    Oleksandr Usyk, the reigning WBA, IBF, and WBO heavyweight world champion, has issued a stern warning to Tyson Fury and his father, John Fury, following a heated incident at the launch event for their upcoming fight in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

    The altercation occurred when the 59-year-old former fighter, John Fury, reportedly headbutted a young member of Usyk’s staff, threatening to stain the highly anticipated undisputed title fight. This incident, however, did not jeopardize the showdown, as Usyk and his team remained composed and professional throughout the ordeal.

    In response to the confrontation, Usyk made it crystal clear that any further attempts to destabilize his team will not be tolerated. The 37-year-old Ukrainian champion stated, “If they want to destabilise my team, it’s not possible. Because I don’t just have professional coaches and trainers, I have professional soldiers.”

    Usyk went on to reveal the combat capabilities of his team, explaining, “My team is very good at wanting to fight, not boxing, street fighting, shooting, knives, wrestling.” The security personnel at the event had to intervene and urge Usyk’s team to step back, as they were clearly ready to engage in a physical altercation.

    Usyk’s warning to Fury sends shockwaves through boxing world

    Despite the tense situation, Usyk maintained his composure and used the incident as additional motivation for his team. He remarked, “The situation doesn’t matter to me, it’s just more motivation for my team.” Usyk’s unwavering stance and determination to keep his team disciplined and focused were evident throughout the ordeal.

    The altercation resulted in a rather bloody and embarrassing scene, with the handlebar-moustached social media personality involved scuttling away in a state of disarray. This incident serves as a stark reminder to Tyson Fury and his camp that Usyk and his team are not to be provoked or underestimated.

    Usyk’s firm warning underscores his commitment to maintaining order and professionalism within his team. His declaration of having “professional soldiers” at his disposal sends a clear message to Fury and his father that any further attempts to destabilize or assault his team will be met with a resolute and potentially violent response.

    As the highly anticipated undisputed title fight approaches, the tension between the two camps has undoubtedly intensified. Usyk’s uncompromising stance and his team’s combat readiness suggest that he is not willing to tolerate any further provocations or incidents, and he is prepared to defend his team and his title with unwavering determination.

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