Chargers win schedule release night with epic trolling of Chiefs' Harrison Butker & Taylor Swift

    In a tradition that’s become as anticipated as the NFL Draft itself, teams across the league unveiled their upcoming season schedules with creative videos flooding social media on Wednesday night.

    However, none matched the trolling level executed by the Los Angeles Chargers’ release.

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    Chargers take no mercy against rivals, poke fun at Taylor Swift

    Breaking away from their previous anime-themed extravaganzas, the Chargers opted for a Sims-style animation this year, packed with inside jokes and sly references aimed directly at their opponents.

    Among the targets were the Kansas City Chiefs, who found themselves at the receiving end of some good-natured ribbing.

    The Chargers’ social media prowess has become a hallmark of their organization, with this year’s release marking the third consecutive year of viral success.

    From clever references to current NFL storylines to visually stunning animations, the Chargers’ social media team has consistently delivered content that captures the attention of football fans.

    When announcing the date of their meetings against the Chiefs, the Chargers depicted Taylor Swift and her famous jet touching down in a neighborhood to pick up Travis Kelce.

    For the second game against their division rivals, the Chargers poked fun at Chiefs superfan “ChieffsAHolic” who is in trouble with the law for his string of bank robberies.

    Harrison Butker jab added in video credits

    In a particularly memorable moment, during the closing credits of the video, the Chargers took aim at Chiefs’ kicker Harrison Butker, whose recent comments on Pride Events, the COVID pandemic, and gender roles stirred controversy.

    Fans and the public alike are even calling for Butker’s removal from the team for suggesting that women should be homemakers and support their husbands instead of joining the workforce.

    In the video, Butker is depicted in the kitchen making dinner in reference to his misogynistic remarks.

    The Chiefs have declined to comment on the kicker’s speech.

    The Chiefs and Chargers will first meet in Week 4 in Los Angeles on Sunday, Sept. 29.

    As the NFL gears up for another thrilling season, the Chargers have once again proven that when it comes to creativity and humor on social media, they’re in a league of their own.

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