Mike Tyson gives his trainer a beating in frightening video and Jake Paul is next on the list

    As Mike Tyson continues his rigorous training to prepare for his heavyweight fight against Jake Paul, each new training video seems to show a sharper version of the former world champ. In fact, the power punches in his latest workout video raised concern for more than just Jake Paul: fans are worried for his trainer’s safety.

    Tyson has made the boxing world familiar with the format of his high-impact training videos over recent months. They feature heavily edited, quick bursts of power, showing off the strengths of the 58-year-old fighter.

    Mike Tyson puts trainer in danger

    On the receiving end of these viral beatdowns is Rafael Cordeiro, Tyson’s trainer who feels the full force of his punches. In particular, the final punch in the most recent video caused a big recoil from Cordeiro, so much that fans showed some concern for his safety.

    “COACH ARE YOU OK?!” read the most-liked comment on Tyson’s Instagram video.

    “His trainer better have the best insurance in the world lol,” another chimed in, while one comment described Cordeiro as “fighting for his life.”

    The joked piled on in the replies: “Coach slips one time and he meets Jesus.”

    Who is Mike Tyson’s trainer, Rafael Cordeiro?

    Born in Brazil, Rafael Cordeiro’s background is in MMA. He has trained UFC champions such as Anderson Silva and Mauricio Rua, winning MMA coach of the year awards in 2012 and 2016. He is also a three-time Brazilian Muay Thai champion himself.

    While he brings a mixed martial arts perspective to Tyson’s training rituals, he’s clearly not accustomed to taking punches with the power packed in Iron Mike‘s fists. On July 20th, we’ll find out if Jake Paul is any different.

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