Hannah Irwin and Omar Ahmed win Cardiff Bay 10km – AW

    Runners faced warm conditions at event in South Wales on Sunday as we bring you our latest UK-wide results round-up


    The Birchfield pair of Omar Ahmed and Kadar Omar denied Dewi Griffiths a third straight victory in Wales and it was Ahmed who just got the nod, albeit it the same time as Omar to add to his Newport win just along the coast three weeks earlier.

    Racing in unseasonably warm conditions the pair were both given 28:47, with Griffiths six seconds adrift in third, but the rest of the large field were well over two minutes down.

    It was Ahmed’s seventh win on the road this year and his only loss was a close second in the Midland cross-country championships in January.

    Omar Ahmed pips Kadar Omar (Run4Wales)

    Ahmed said: “Winning wasn’t easy today. My team-mate was very close but I just managed to beat him so I’m very happy and so excited. I’ve run the course four times so I know it very well. It was really nice but today was a bit windy and hot, but that didn’t stop me.”

    The women’s section saw Hannah Irwin also add to her victory at Newport, albeit in the slower time of 33:18.

    Irwin said: “It was a really good event. I did it last year so I had an idea about what it was like but it was very windy, so there was a bit of a battle with that. Today was quite warm too, so I’m really pleased to take the win.

    “The support was really good around the course. There was a lot of running on my own but there were spectators at all points so it made for a good atmosphere. I really enjoyed it.”

    Cardiff Bay 10km (Run4Wales)

    Overall: 1 O Ahmed (Bir) 28:47; 2 K Omar (Bir) 28:47; 3 D Griffiths (Swan) 28:53; 4 C Lewis (les C) 31;20; 5 D Hamilton (P’pridd) 31:24; 6 S Fox 31:32; 7 L Sheppard0Brown (Card) 31:388 T Gostello 32:30; 9 P Matthews (P Bryn, M45) 32:45; 10 S Williams (Neath) 32:49

    M40: 1 R Matthews (P Bryn) 34;18

    M50: 1 R Jones (Llis) 34:47; 2 S Davis (P Bryn) 35:27; 3 M Hurford (Les C) 35:30

    Kadar Omar, Omar Ahmed (centre), Dewi Griffiths (Run4Wales)

    Women: 1 H Irwin (C&C) 33:18; 2 A Evans 34:58; 3 E Carroll (TVH) 36:20; 4 L Flynn (Les C, W40) 36:30; 5 D Morris 37:46

    W50: 1 N Juks (P Bryn) 42:02

    W50: 1 S Watson (Les C) 45:08

    Alaw Evans, Hannah Irwin, Emily Carroll (Run4Wales)

    BRECKLAND 10km, Norfolk, May 19 

    Overall: 1 O Rees (Ips Ph) 33:53

    M60: 1 J Moore (Noef G) 39:36

    Women: 1 K King (St Ed) 37:30

    W60: 1 C Brown (Wym) 45:10


    Marshall Smith, who ran 2:18:22 in April’s Manchester Marathon, added to his win in the Brighton Half with another victory, this time with a 10-second victory over Chris Perry in 67:52.

    The women’s section saw Abigail Howarth move up from second here last year to win in 79:16.

    Overall: 1 M Smith (Ashf) 67:52; 2 C Perry (Vale R) 68:02; 3 J Bromley (B uckley) 70:10; 4 J Cullen (Buckley) 71:28; 5 M Young (W Chesh) 72:09; 6 P Bouttier-Butler (Leic C) 72:25

    M40: 1 J Savage (Chorl) 72:32

    M45: 1 M Green (NWRR) 75:10

    M50: 1 M Collier (Salf) 79:01

    M60: 1 W McGarrell (W Chesh) 83:47

    M65: 1 M Walters (Holme P) 87:06

    M75: 1 G Goff (Steel) 1:58:07

    Women: 1 A Howarth (Vale R) 79:17; 2 A Van Dijk (Run4U, W35) 79:46; 3 S Hunter (Ack, W35) 80:19

    W50: 1 S Lamb (VP&TH) 89:28; 2 V Buck (Kent) 92:21; 3 C Green (NWRR) 92:40

    W55: 1 A Deeley (Dees) 94:45

    W60: 1 C Henery (Norw) 1:43:11

    W75: 1 S Richards (R Bear) 2:13:16


    Overall: 1 F Hessian (Notts) 68:05; 2 J Escalante-Phillips (C&C) 68:05; 3 A Gladley (WSEH) 71:26; 3 G Grassly (G&G) 72:07; 5 M Ginsberg 72:09

    M40: 1 J Dale 73:04

    M50: 1 J Forsyth 76:15

    M60: 1 P Kelland 88:07

    Women: 1 E Nouri 75:25; 2 Y Lock (TVH) 75:26; 3 H Archer (C&C) 76:15; 4 A Farello 78:14; 5 L Taylor 78;17; 6 A Culling 79:54 (Note: Some names doubtful)

    Clive Cookson 10km (David Hewitson)

    CLIVE COOKSON 10km, Whitley Bay, Tyne & Wear, May 15

    Veteran James Anderson won his fourth open road race in the North East with a 32;10 victory over Tom Charlton, as Alex Sneddon took the women’s race in 37:37.

    Overall: 1 J Anderson (NSP, M40) 32:10; 2 T Charlton (Tyne Br) 32;29; 3 E Knight (Heat) 33:19

    James Anderson (David Hewitson)

    M45: 1 A Hepple (Gosf) 34:06

    M50: 1 M Parkinson (NSP) 37:09

    M55: 1 J Duthie (Wallsend) 37:57

    M60: 1 G Penn (NSP) 38:44

    Women: 1 A Sneddon (J&H, W35) 37:37; 2 C Bailes (Birt) 39:17

    W45: 1 B Coleman (NSP) 41:21

    W50: 1 L Lennox (Tyne Br) 43;33

    Alex Sneddon (David Hewitson)

    BIG GREEN SCUNTHORPE 10km, Lincolnshire 

    Overall: 1 J Wergam (Hallam) 33:10

    Women: 1 L Skinner (OTCF, W40) 37:01

    W60: 1 T Gibson (Wolds) 48:09

    BRISCO GORSEINON 10km, May 19 

    Overall: 1 M Roderick (Tri Hard) 32;50

    Women: 1 N Sutton (Run4All) 38:31

    W55: 1 D Bartlett (Llan) 44:46

    HOOK 10km, Hampshire, May 19 

    Former age group international and European under-23 5000m champion Laura Whittle took the women’s section in 37;28 

    Overall: 1 S Blake (AFD) 32:11

    Women: 1 L Whittle (RSC) 37:28

    PIER TO PIER RUN, South Shields, May 19

    Overall (7M approx. MT): 1 L Taylor (Sund) 38;17; 2 T Backhouse (Low F) 38:52; 3 D Purvis (Birt, M40) 39:19

    M50: 1 M Parkinson (NSP) 42:01

    M60: 1 L Selkeld (J&H) 45:04

    Women: 1 A Sneddon (J&H) 43:37

    PONTEFRACT 10km, West Yorkshire, May 19

    Overall: 1 A Croft (M50) 34;37

    Women: 1 J Walsh (Leeds) 35:24

    W55: 1 H Morgan (Ack) 41:33

    DRAYCOTE WATER HALF-MARATHON & 10km, Rugby, Warwickshire, May 18

    Overall (13.1M): 1 A McBride (N’brook) 72:16

    Women: 1 E Brown (Rutland, W35) 87:04

    Overall (10km): 1 M Ward (Card) 30:57

    Women: 1 R Andrews (R&N) 39:28

    HACKNEY 5km, London, May 18

    Overall: 1 T Zheng 15:12

    Women: 1 H Blake 17:52

    W55: 1 S Williams 21;29

    QE OLYMPIC PARK 10km & 5km, Stratford, London, May 18 

    Overall (10km): 1 J Scott-Farrington (Horw) 31:53

    Women: 1 C Baker (TVH) 36:59

    Overall (5km): 1 P Monclus-Jubany (ESP) 17:34

    Women: 1 I Sabbatini (IYA) 17:35

    TAVY 5km, Tavistock, Devon, May 18

    Overall: 1 J Benford (Bide) 15:04

    Women: 1 L Coad (SWRR) 18:25

    W65: 1 K Rogers (Tav) 25:55

    WINDERMERE MARATHON, Cumberland, May 18

    Overall: 1 A Davies (M40) 2:35:25

    Women: 1 C Williamson (Loftus, W40) 2:59:27

    CHRISTLETON 5km, Chester, Cheshire, May 17

    Overall: 1 H Johnson (Hali) 14:59; 2 J Doherty (Liv) 14:59; 3 T Charles (Chorl, M40) 15:00; 4 C Broadbent (Brack) 15:07; 5 N Barry (Sale) 15:08; 6 J Birmingham (Salf) 15:13

    M50: 1 J Prest (Traff) 15:55

    M55: 1 R Johnson (Alt) 16:4; 2 M Russell (Salf) 17:10

    M60: 1 R Evans (Alt) 17:47; 2 W McGarrell (W Chesh) 17:50

    M70: 1 P Pickwell (Alt) 21:38

    Women: 1 C Frankland (W End) 16:37; 2 S Dufor-Jackson (Vale R) 16:45; 3 C Davies (Preston, W35) 16:48; 4 L Evans (R&N) 16;50; 5 A Howarth (Vale R) 17:04; 6 A Wright (Sale) 17:15

    W45: 1 K Longley (Liv PS) 17:41

    W50: 1 E Weston (Congle) 19:53

    W55: 1 S Avery (Chesh Dr) 19:15

    W60: 1 C Higgs (Trenth) 20:51

    26th STRAGGLERS GREEN BELT RELAY. Hampton Court, May 18-19

    The race saw a fight for the overall win between Clapham Chasers, who ended up overall winners with a mixed team and the two most recent champions, Ranelagh Harriers and Thames Hare and Hounds.

    At the end of day one of this 220-mile, 22-stage relay, the three leading clubs were barely three minutes apart after ten hours of racing.

    Sunday saw more ferocious racing all day and it was Chasers who finally opened up a small lead and with it victory, a feat they last achieved in 2009.

    After losing out by just a few seconds to Ranelagh last year, Thames Hare & Hounds were determined to make amends and their runners were fastest on three of the first four stages, as they front loaded their team.

    Paddy Roddy and Richard Ollington’s first two stage wins helped them get 10 minutes clear of Clapham and Ranelagh after five of the first day’s stages. However, Clapham gradually ate into the lead so that by the time the tenth stage finished Thames were only 33 seconds clear.

    In a strange quirk of fate, that tenth stage from High Beech to Toot Hill had seen one B Reynolds, just run out faster another B Reynolds.

    Over the tough nine miles it was Clapham’s Bryn running 34 seconds faster than Thames’ long time M55 servant Ben, whose efforts ensured that his club were still narrowly ahead.

    They then extended the advantage on the 11th to the overnight stop at Blackmore, thanks to Nick Altmann, but Clapham’s mixed team were only just ahead of holders Ranelagh, whose Ross McDonald had been quickest.

    At this half-way point, Ranelagh were just a few seconds clear of Serpentine in the veterans’ category, while Stragglers led the women’s race by 24 minutes from Thames.

    The start of day two saw Ed Rees take Clapham Chasers mixed team to the front, ahead of Ranelagh as Thames really slipped up losing a lot of time and they increased their lead further over holders Ranelagh to seven minutes after stage 15.

    It was an 11-minute lead for Clapham after 17 stages before Ranelagh closed to just two minutes and then the holders edged ahead by a mere 18 seconds after 19 but that was the end of their challenge.

    Tim Harman took Clapham two minutes clear on the 20th, despite Marius Thies of London Front being the fastest. Then, despite being headed by Thames’ Richard Ollington on the penultimate stage, Charlie Mason opened the lead to 16 minutes. Finally, Steph McCall saw the Clapham mixed team home by nearly 14 minutes, although Lisa Bailey was the quickest woman for Stragglers vets’ team.

    Green Belt Relay

    Overall (220M): 1 Clapham Chasers Mixed 22:11:41; 2 Ranelagh 22:25:34; 3 Thames Hare & Hounds 23:16:18

    M40: 1 Ranelagh 25:16:22

    Women: 1 Stragglers 25:41:35; 2 THH 26:23:19

    54 complete teams finished

    Day 1

    Stage 1 (Hampton Court to Staines, 12.70M)

    Fastest: P Roddy (THH) 70:01

    Women: M Garner (Strag) 88:05

    Stage 2 (Staines to Boveney, 9.42M)

    Fastest: R Ollington (THH) 54:16

    Women: H Daniel (Strag, W35) 67:02

    Stage 3 (Boveney to Little Marlow, 11.20M)

    Fastest: C Biley (Clap) 62:03

    Women: S Holt (Strag, W35) 70:33

    Stage 4 (Little Marlow to Great Kingshill, hilly 11.80M)

    Fastest: M Chisholm (THH, M55) 81:06

    Women: C Paterson (Hill, W35) 91:53

    Stage 5 (Great Kingshill to Chipperfield, hilly 13.50M)

    Fastest: J Hoad (THH) 73:50

    Women: S McCall (Clap) 86:01

    W55: 1 A Norris (Dulw R) 1:43:35

    Stage 6 (Chipperfield to St Albans, 8.50M)

    Fastest: E McDaid (Rane) 54:56

    Women: A Lawson (Clap) 53:50

    Stage 7 (St Albans to Letty Green, 11.60M)

    Fastest: C Mason (Clap) 66:18

    M65: J Foss (Sutt St) 85:29

    Women: B Murray (THH) 74:36

    Stage 8 (Letty Green to Dobbs Weir, 10.70M)

    Fastest: C Pocock (Clap) 62:30

    M55: 1 C Allan (Strag) 65:33

    Women: H Preedy (QPH) 67:25

    W45: C Curtain (Strag) 74:33

    Stage 9 (Dobbs Weir to High Beech, 10.20M)

    Fastest: H Torry (Serp, M45) 62:33

    M55: D Symons (THH) 67:59

    Women: E Cheetham (Clap) 67:05

    Stage 10 (High Beech to Toot Hill, 9.00M)

    Fastest: B Reynolds (Clap) 58:24

    M55: B Reynolds (THH) 58:58

    Women: L Apsley (THH) 62:01

    Stage 11 (Toot Hill to Blackmore, 7.50M)

    Fastest: R McDonald (Rane) 45:12

    M55: J Moore (Rane) 47:58

    Women: K Hedgethorne (THH) 52:16

    Day 2 (100.65M)

    Stage 12 (Blackmore to Thorndon Park, 10.75M)

    Fastest: E Rees (Clap) 63:44

    M55: D Dixon (BA) 74:30

    Women: B Murray (THH) 72:19

    W55: A Norris (Dulw R) 82:07

    Stage 13 (Thorndon Park to Thames Chase, 6.60M)

    Fastest: C Allen (Strag, M55) 41:04

    Women: K Matthews (M’head) 43:10

    Stage 14 (Thames Chase to Stone Lodge, 9.0M)

    Fastest: P Roddy (THH) 52:57

    Women: N Seymour (THH, W35) 60:23

    Stage 15 (Stone Lodge to Lullingstone Park, 9.40M)

    Fastest: R Bull (Clap) 55:44

    Women: V Crawford (THH, W35) 68:34

    Stage 16 (Lullingstone Park to Tatsfield, hilly 13.10M)

    Fastest: J Hoad (THH) 75:33; C Biley (Clap) 76:19

    Women: L Robbins (Clap) 92:44

    Stage 17 (Tatsfield to Merstham, 10.50M)

    Fastest: E McDaid (Rane) 61:01

    Women: S Holt (Strag, W35) 67:37

    Stage 18 (Merstham to Box Hill, hilly 9.60M)

    Fastest: J Neville (Burg HR) 61:56

    Women: L Apsley (THH) 66:14

    Stage 19 (Box Hill to West Hanger, 8.40M)

    Fastest: B Cook (Rane) 51:58

    Women: H Preedy (QPH) 59:58

    Stage 20 (West Hanger to Ripley, 6.00M)

    Fastest: M Thies (L Front) 33:38

    M55: B Reynolds (THH) 35:28; J Moore (Rane) 35:43

    Women: N Sheel (Serp, W35) 37:03

    Stage 21 (Ripley to Walton Bridge, 8.40M)

    Fastest: R Ollington (THH) 44:57; C Mason (Clap) 45:08

    Women: C Binley (Strag) 54:53

    Stage 22 (Walton Bridge to Bushy Park Sports Centre, 7.1M)

    Fastest: N Chisholm (THH) 40:24

    Women: L Bailey (Strag, W35) 42:07’ S McCall (Clap) 43:06

    WESTON PROM 5, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, May 16

    Overall: 1 M Battensby (B&W) 25:52

    Women: 1 F Spruit (T Bath) 29:47

    W50: 1 K Hughes (W’bury) 31:18

    SCOTTS TRAVEL MIDWEEK LEAGUE 10km, Div 1, Race 1, St Albans, Hertfordshire, May 15

    The four rounds, three division series started the way it finished last summer with a repeat victory for Cameron Dockerill in 31:58.

    Katie Harbon, who won two of the top flight fixtures in 2023, was again in winning ways to give St Albans a double, with 38:07.

    Overall: 1 C Dockerill (St Alb) 31:58

    M50: 1 S Aiken (Trent P) 35:44

    M60: 1 A Leach (NHRR) 34:36

    TEAM: 1 St Albans 259; 2 Orion 319; 3 Trent P 400

    M40 TEAM: 1 Orion 76; 2 St Albans 78; 3 Trent P 98

    Women: 1 K Harbon (NHRR) 38:07

    W45: 1 H Mussen (Wat J) 38:39

    W50: 1 A McKeown (NHRR) 42:37

    W55: 1 S Harris (St Alb) 45:37

    W60: 1 C Thrussell (NHRR) 47:06

    W70: 1 Y Gordon (FVS) 47:49

    TEAM: 1 St Albans 74; 2 NHRR 165; 3 St Albans B 246

    W35 TEAM: 1 Trent P 42; 2 NHRR 46; 3 Orion 48

    Cameron Dockerill (Mark Easton)

    AVR WESTBURY 5km, Wiltshire, May 14

    Overall: 1 E Pierce (Swin) 15:51

    M60: 1 P Reddaway (Corsh) 18:30

    Women: 1 I Gray (Salis, U17) 18:10; 2 J Rockliffe (T Bath, W50) 18:32

    W50: 2 C Adset (Corsh) 21:38

    W60: 1 D Hier (Avon VR) 21:56


    Overall: 1 S Bateson (E Hull, M50) 20:50

    Women: 1 G Dalton (E Hull, U17) 21:32


    Overall: 1 J Copeland (M40) 15:40; 2 A Thomas 15:59; 3 J Baker (Chich R, M45) 16:00

    M50: 1 J Thacker (Eg H) 18:00

    M60: 1 D Shepherd (L’hill) 18:59

    Women: 1 H Lawrence (Morp) 18:45; 2 V Edwards 19:27; 3 A Vargin (Chich R, W45) 20:33

    WALTON PARK 5, Liverpool, Merseyside, May 14

    Overall: 1 P Merritt (Lanc U) 25:04; 2 T Rogerson (Liv) 25:14; 3 P Howard (St Hel) 25:27

    M50: 1 D McDonough (Kirkby) 25:22

    M55: 1 F Rafferty (S’port W) 28:12

    M60: 1 T Harvey 30:46

    Women: 1 F O’Hare (Liv) 28:43; 2 R Mason (Knows) 30:44

    W65: 1 B Cahill (St Hel) 38:39

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