Shedeur Sanders gets into 'serious mode' with new haircut as he waits for the NFL Draft

    Colorado Buffaloes quarterback Shedeur Sanders didn’t exactly have a wonderful last season with his team. Although they initially started with almost a handful of victories, the team descended into depression with a similar number of consecutive losses and they didn’t manage to recover from it. With Travis Hunter out of activity due to an injury, it was Shedeur Sanders’ task to carry the team. He didn’t bode so well but he did have some interesting moments during the season. Later in 2024, the NFL Draft is taking placeand Shedeur Sanders is still trying to be a part of it. Despite Deion Sanders’ advice to the contrary, there is a good chance that Shedeur still becomes part of the event. In order to remind us he is serious, Shedeur Sanders has agreed to get a haircut that presents him in a more clean-cut fashion.

    Shedeur Sanders claims he beat the odds by coming from a private school

    Deion Sanders disapproves of Shedeur’s NFL desires

    No haircut will ever convince coach Deion Sanders that his son Shedeur is ready to play in the NFL. He has repeatedly stated that he wants his kid to at least play one more season in college football but it appears the QB won’t listen. Currently, he is going in public and on social media calling 2024 his ‘Business Year’. Alluding to the fct that he may be part of the upcoming NFL Draft and could get signed by a new team. With that in mind, Shedeur Sanders is disregarding a direct counsel from his father and wants to be part of the NFL ASAP. But does Shedeur Sanders have what it takes to be a decent NFL player?

    Although he has the skill and talents to be a successful NFL quarterback, Shedeur Sanders’ case is very interesting if you take a closer look at it with the ‘nepotism’ lens. Many believe that this player has accomplished his feats in NCAA because his father allowed him to get the minutes he wants. For Shedeur Sanders, proving himself in the NFL goes far beyond just wanting to be a professional athlete. In his case, combating against all the nay sayers is an activity he really pushes forward to acocmplish. But the million dollar question is, will Shedeur Sanders live up to the expectations?

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