Aaron Boone comes to the defense of retired umpire Angel Hernandez

    Major League Baseball fans were united on Monday night in celebration when word first surfaced that controversial umpire Angel Hernandez would be retiring from baseball. 

    Hernandez has long been one of the most criticized umpires in baseball for consistently getting calls wrong, and it started to become one of the most dominant talking points in the league.

    While fans — and many players — were happy with the news, Hernandez had a surprising person in his corner offering him some shield from criticism.

    New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone.

    While Boone didn’t necessarily praise Hernandez, he did say that he was unfairly made the face of bad umpiring and that there were — and are — many umpires worse than him in the league. He also went out of his way to point that Hernandez is a good person.

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