England beat Pakistan by 178 runs in third women’s cricket ODI – live reaction

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    Some rather obvious news: Nat Sciver-Brunt is the Player of the Match. Ecclestone is the Player of the Series and she’s asked by Charles Dagnall if she sets targets, if she’s looking at the next 100 ODI wickets in front of her. “I think I just want to win a World Cup or an Ashes to be honest, I’ve not won one yet,” she replies.

    The landmark moment – with a wonderful delivery to get there.

    That’s a thoroughly dominant performance from England, instigated by Nat Sciver-Brunt’s century. She decided to make an impact with the ball, too, taking two for 11 from five overs. The job was mostly done before Sophie Ecclestone showed up to finish it, claiming her 100th ODI wicket in the process and moving on to 101 not long after.

    England win the third ODI by 178 runs!

    Aliya tries to go inside-out over cover against Ecclestone again but finds the sub fielder Sophia Dunkley. Nida Dar won’t bat because of a dodgy hammy, so England have the match and a 2-0 series victory.

    29th over: Pakistan 124-8 (Diana 0, Aliya 36) Capsey continues, with England needing just one wicket to wrap this up.

    28th over: Pakistan 123-8 (Diana 0, Aliya 35) There’s no hat-trick but Ecclestone can comfort herself with becoming the fastest woman to 100 ODI wickets in terms of innings bowled.

    WICKET! Nashra c Knight b Ecclestone 0 (Pakistan 123-8)

    Ecclestone is on a hat-trick and she has 100 ODI wickets too! It’s beautifully flighted, Nashra Sandhu pokes at it, and the edge goes to Heather Knight at slip.

    WICKET! Umm-e-Hani lbw Ecclestone 4 (Pakistan 123-7)

    And up goes the finger! Ecclestone traps Umm-e-Hani, who goes back and gets her bat trapped in her pad while trying to defend. Pakistan review … and it’s hitting middle stump.

    England’s Sophie Ecclestone successfully appeals for the lbw wicket of Pakistan’s Umm-e-Hani. Photograph: Peter Cziborra/Action Images/Reuters

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    27th over: Pakistan 123-6 (Umm-e-Hani 4, Aliya 35) Capsey runs through her set quickly, conceding just one.

    26th over: Pakistan 122-6 (Umm-e-Hani 3, Aliya 35) Stunning shot from Aliya, who skips down the pitch and goes inside-out over extra cover for four. And then again! She closes the over with the same stroke, playing with serious confidence against Ecclestone, the best in the world.

    25th over: Pakistan 114-6 (Umm-e-Hani 3, Aliya 27) Alice Capsey gets a go with the ball and a wild no-look overthrow from Charlie Dean grants Pakistan extra runs.

    24th over: Pakistan 110-6 (Umm-e-Hani 2, Aliya 24) Aliya’s timing them well, moving into the 20s with a classy cut off Ecclestone for four.

    23rd over: Pakistan 104-6 (Umm-e-Hani 2, Aliya 18) Aliya shows some resistance, coming down the pitch to hit Dean for four and send Pakistan past 100.

    22nd over: Pakistan 97-6 (Umm-e-Hani 0, Aliya 13) Life gets even tougher for Pakistan with the arrival of Sophie Ecclestone. She immediately finds some grip to get the ball to turn and bounce. Nida Dar, Pakistan’s skipper, can’t bat due to a hamstring injury, which makes things even worse for the visitors.


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    21st over: Pakistan 96-6 (Umm-e-Hani 0, Aliya 12) Umm-e-Hani nearly pops a return catch to Dean first ball, with it just dropping short of the bowler.

    WICKET! Fatima lbw Dean 0 (Pakistan 96-6)

    Fatima Sana fails to make contact with a sweep off Dean and it’s given. Pakistan go upstairs … and it’s shown to be clipping the bails. The visitors are collapsing.

    England’s Charlie Dean celebrates after taking the lbw wicket of Pakistan’s Fatima Sana. Photograph: Peter Cziborra/Action Images/Reuters

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    WICKET! Muneeba c Bouchier b Sciver-Brunt 47 (Pakistan 95-5)

    Oh dear. Muneeba’s been excellent but she gives it away on the cusp of a half-century, trying to slog Sciver-Brunt and instead popping the ball high up into the air, with Bouchier ending up in the short mid-off region to take the catch.

    20th over: Pakistan 95-5 (Aliya 11, Fatima 0)

    England’s Maia Bouchier smiles as she takes a catch to dismiss Pakistan’s Muneeba Ali off the bowling of Nat Sciver-Brunt. Photograph: Peter Cziborra/Action Images/Reuters

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    19th over: Pakistan 93-4 (Muneeba 45, Aliya 11) Muneeba continues to attack Dean, sweeping for four before cutting away to get off strike.

    18th over: Pakistan 88-4 (Muneeba 40, Aliya 11) Sciver-Brunt continues to keep it tight … until an uncharacteristic drag down outside off-stump is crunched for four by Aliya.

    17th over: Pakistan 83-4 (Muneeba 39, Aliya 7) Aliya Riaz is the new batter and she dissects the covers, seizing upon a fuller delivery from Dean.

    16th over: Pakistan 77-4 (Muneeba 38, Aliya 2) Nat Sciver-Brunt, not satisfied with a ton, has figures of 1-4 after three overs.

    WICKET! Najiha b Sciver-Brunt 6 (Pakistan 74-4)

    Sciver-Brunt hits the pads of Najiha, and England go up for a review after the umpire says no. It’s a cutter that looks to be going down the leg-side … it’s umpire’s call, projected to be clipping the top of leg stump. Oh, never mind – Sciver-Brunt bowls her next ball. It’s an off-cutter that beats the attempted leg-side wallop of Najiha.

    15th over: Pakistan 74-3 (Muneeba 37, Najiha 6) Bouchier pulls off a fine stop at deep mid-wicket after Muneeba sweeps Dean; Pakistan only manage to run two. But the left-hander has four not long after, lacing the ball behind square on the off side.

    14th over: Pakistan 66-3 (Muneeba 30, Najiha 5) Parsimonious work from Sciver-Brunt once again, conceding just one. Cue a break for drinks.

    13th over: Pakistan 65-3 (Muneeba 29, Najiha 5) Najiha sweeps Dean hard for one and Muneeba tries the same … though her effort sees an edge pop over the keeper and run away for four. Another sweep follows from Muneeba, with the glove taking it down to fine leg for another boundary. And then a third four in a row, though this is the most convincing stroke of the lot, Muneeba coming down the pitch to strike the ball past mid-off.

    12th over: Pakistan 50-3 (Muneeba 16, Najiha 4) Nat Sciver-Brunt gets the ball and because she’s Nat Sciver-Brunt she can do no wrong. A maiden.

    11th over: Pakistan 50-3 (Muneeba 16, Najiha 4) Time for spin, with Charlie Dean in play. Najiha waits and waits to play a lovely last-minute dab to third for a couple. But the finger then goes up as Dean traps Najiha in front with a beautifully flighted delivery. Pakistan review … and it’s going over the stumps! Too much bounce there; there was beautiful drift into the right-hander from Dean with it.

    10th over: Pakistan 45-3 (Muneeba 14, Najiha 1) Bell gets the ball to move away from the right-handed Najiha, showing that she can mix it up from her natural inswing. It’s been a potent opening spell from Bell, with two wickets taken.

    9th over: Pakistan 41-3 (Muneeba 12, Najiha 0) Muneeba’s eyes light up at a wider delivery from Cross … but can’t get any of the blade on it. Cross ends the over by getting Najiha’s outside edge … but the ball drops short of Jones behind the stumps.

    8th over: Pakistan 40-3 (Muneeba 11, Najiha 0) Muneeba sees a bit of width and slaps with serious intent through point for a boundary – Pakistan haven’t had any trouble finding the ropes. The left-hander then nearly chops on, instead hitting the ball on to her left foot. Ouch.

    7th over: Pakistan 35-3 (Muneeba 6, Najiha 0) England haven’t done anything extraordinary here; Pakistan have just played some rather ordinary shots to get out, undoing much of their good work inbetween.

    WICKET! Ayesha c Dean b Cross 13 (Pakistan 35-3)

    Oh dear. Ayesha was stroking it around well but she just plops a pull shot straight into the hands of mid-wicket for a very simple grab.

    Ayesha Zafar walks as Kate Cross is joined in celebration. Photograph: Peter Cziborra/Action Images/Reuters

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    6th over: Pakistan 34-2 (Muneeba 5, Ayesha 13) With Pakistan having had some fun through the leg side so far, Ayesha goes the other way, squeezing the ball past point for a boundary. A beautifully timed off-drive follows, with the fielder at mid-off diverting it to the boundary. Pakistan are going at a decent lick here despite those two wickets.

    5th over: Pakistan 25-2 (Muneeba 5, Ayesha 5) Ayesha shows off a fine straight bat to defend Cross, but then nearly gives it away with a loose fling at a wide one next up. A leading edge follows but evades the fielders on the off side. Muneeba completes the over with the shot of the innings so far, a lovely clip through square leg for four.

    4th over: Pakistan 19-2 (Muneeba 0, Ayesha 4) Ayesha Zafar is the new batter and she whips the ball through square leg for four to get herself going.

    WICKET! S Ameen c Bouchier b Bell 10 (Pakistan 14-2)

    Ameen’s in fine touch, hitting Bell so straight she knocks over the stumps at the non-striker’s end … and I’ve put the curse on her. Bell goes full, Ameen tries to flick through the leg-side and a leading edge pops to Maia Bouchier in the covers.

    3rd over: Pakistan 13-1 (Muneeba 0, S Ameen 10) Ameen and Muneeba run hard as the former hits back-to-back twos. The right-hander then plays a delightful pull shot for four, Pakistan’s first boundary of the day.

    2nd over: Pakistan 4-1 (Muneeba 0, S Ameen 1) Bell now gets to move the ball away from the left-handed Muneeba Ali, thundering in from around the wicket.

    WICKET! Sadaf b Bell 2 (Pakistan 4-1)

    Sidra Ameen gets off the mark with one behind square on the off side. And then Sadaf departs to Lauren Bell! A dodgy-looking pull shot sees her drag the ball on to her stumps and England have an early breakthrough.

    Lauren Bell wastes no time in dismissing Sadaf. Photograph: Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

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    1st over: Pakistan 2-0 (Sadaf 1, S Ameen 0) Cross unleashes a gorgeous outswinger with her second ball, just evading the outside edge of Sadaf Shamas. Two slips are waiting alongside Amy Jones for the catch. The seamer collects a maiden … or not. She oversteps with her final ball of the over, and the free hit is a long hop pulled away for a single.

    Kate Cross has the new ball. Let’s play!

    Just before we get going again … England weren’t particularly on it with the ball in the opening ODI, giving up 40 extras – Pakistan’s top-scorer in their chase. Leg-side wides were a common sight, with Sophie Ecclestone – England’s cheat code – bailing them out with her three wickets. They’ve got more on the board this time round, but Heather Knight will no doubt want a more controlled effort in the field.

    Taha Hashim

    Afternoon all! I’ll be here to take you through the rest of the action, with Pakistan needing to pull off the spectacular to celebrate a first ever ODI win over England. But before we get going … I’ll make myself a much-needed cup of tea.

    Time for me to hand over to Taha Hashim for the runchase, which should begin in 20 minutes or so. Thanks for your company – bye!

    Nat Sciver-Brunt’s verdict

    It was fun. I had a bit of a tricky period (starts laughing) from about 80 to 90 when I played too many shots, but on the whole I’m really happy.

    Me and Alice went through the same little stage (of playing too many shots), so we tried to calm ourselves down and stick to what we were doing before that.

    I’d say 302 is a good total. I’m not very good at guessing par! But getting 300 has to be good. I’ve been told it grips here, so with the bowlers that we have, I’d say we’re on for defending it.

    I’m fit to bowl, yeah. I’m a bit tired so I’m not sure how my five overs will come out! But it’ll be nice to have the ball back in hand.

    Pakistan need 303 to win

    Nat Sciver-Brunt walks off to a standing ovation after the latest demonstration of her genius: 124 not out from 117 balls with 14 fours and two sixes. That included a late-innings lull, when she barely middled a thing for half an hour, and finally a burst of 30 from the last nine deliveries. She’s a true great; by the time she retires, she might be England’s greatest.

    50th over: England 302-5 (Sciver-Brunt 124, Capsey 40) A full toss from Sana is slammed over extra cover for four by Capsey, who heaves another boundary to long-on to bring up England’s 300. That looked unlikely with three overs remaining, but Capsey and Sciver-Brunt went into overdrive to score 47 from the last 18 balls.

    49th over: England 290-5 (Sciver-Brunt 123, Capsey 30) Sciver-Brunt has suddenly found her touch again. She smashes Baig for 16 in three balls, including successive sixes to long on and straight down the ground.

    After scoring 16 from five overs, England have pillaged 35 from the last two.

    Only Meg Lanning and Suzie Bates have scored more ODI hundreds than Sciver-Brunt – but Sciver-Brunt’s have all come at No4 or lower. Harmanpreet Kaur, with five, is the only other player to make more than three ODI hundreds when not batting in the top three.

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