Jake Paul's surprising message for Mike Tyson following his medical emergency

    Jake Paul and Mike Tyson are set to fight in a professional boxing match at AT&T Stadium on July 20 — but as the date of the bout gets closer, doubts are beginning to settle in as to whether one of the boxers will be able to perform at the expected level.

    The 57-year-old Tyson‘s recent medical emergency aboard an aircraft has renewed calls for him to stand down from fighting the 27-year-old Paul. “Iron Mike” though has insisted that the fight will go ahead as planned — and Paul has now responded on Instagram to a provocation from the former heavyweight champion.

    Paul’s three-word message for Tyson

    Tyson took to Instagram — as he did on X/Twitter — to confirm he would not withdraw from the July 20 showdown with Paul in Arlington, Texas. Tyson took some fans by surprise by saying he would not even need to be at 100 percent to take down Paul, whose 10 matches of experience pale in comparison to Tyson’s 58 total fights.

    Paul has opted to see the humor in the situation, in so much as it exists. Rather than responding angrily to Tyson’s needling, the “Problem Child” chose an arguably more-savage route in response. He sent just three words in response, taking the higher ground by saying “hey, that’s mean!”

    The message reinforces Paul’s confidence ahead of the highly-anticipated fight, which will be streamed live on Netflix and go on both boxers’ records. “Titanium Jake” may not have Tyson’s experience or resume, but his comparatively-youthful energy and resistance to being wound up could serve him well should the bout go ahead as planned.

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