Why was Travis Kelce threatened by the Secret Service?

    Travis Kelce recently shared a humorous anecdote about his visit to the White House with the Kansas City Chiefs. During a discussion on the New Heights podcast with Jason and Travis Kelce, the NFL star revealed that the Secret Service “weren’t too happy” with him during his team’s visit to the Washington, D.C., landmark on Friday, May 31.

    The reason for their displeasure? Kelce admitted that during his previous visit to the White House with the Chiefs in June 2023, he had an “expired ID.” This revelation stemmed from a previous Instagram post where he shared the embarrassing moment.

    Kansas City Chiefs arrive in style at the White House

    He humorously recounted: “I caught s— for that,” and added, “I made sure because of what happened last time and how embarrassed I was for going to the White House, with an expired ID, I made sure that I brought my passport this time so that it showed that I was a citizen in Missouri.”

    The 34-year-old NFL player also emphasized the importance of ensuring that he had the proper documentation during his most recent visit. He explained, “And I was official, and I was legit, and I was doing things the right way because everyone has to do that at the White House.”

    Kelce’s White House visit: From embarrassment to laughter

    Kelce’s lighthearted retelling of the incident provides a glimpse into the less formal side of his experiences, showcasing his down-to-earth personality. The accompanying image of him at the White House further illustrates the light-hearted nature of his story.

    In addition to his visit to the White House, Kelce has been making headlines for his on-field performances. His charismatic personality and on-field success have solidified his status as a fan favorite. As he continues to excel in his career, Kelce’s ability to balance humor and professionalism sets him apart as a beloved figure in the NFL.

    Kelce’s anecdote serves as a reminder that even public figures encounter relatable mishaps, and his ability to share such experiences with humor and humility endears him to fans. His willingness to laugh at himself while also emphasizing the importance of following protocol at prestigious events like a White House visit further cements his reputation as both a talented athlete and a down-to-earth individual.

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