Brooks England Resurrects the Standard Professional, the Original Racing Saddle

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    A new Brooks Saddle would not be the saddle of choice for a modern cyclist who is pinching grams. But, the Brooks Standard Professional was the standard for the professional cyclist of yesteryear. And, like it or not, the saddle is beautiful in its details, and that aspect hasn’t changed.

    The Standard Professional has been “reborn for another lifetime” and brought to the masses for a limited time out of the Brooks archive. And Brooks thinks that the discerning cyclist who isn’t concerned about shaving grams will love it.

    Brooks England Standard Professional gallery riding

    The Standard Professional saddle is frankly, quite beautiful. Like most Brooks saddles, it has a 10-year guarantee, is hand made, the durable leather breathes well, and shapes to your anatomy providing ultimate comfort for decades.

    A Lil’ History

    The unique design of the Standard Professional came to fruition through evolution. Its origins lie in the “sometimes-obsessive” fixation with the weight-cutting, and gram-pinching of competitive cyclists. Yes, even the cyclists of the 1940’s wanted their equipment to be as light as possible.

    Brooks England Standard Professional carrying bike

    In an attempt to stop racers from taking hacksaws and knives to Brooks’ finely crafted products, they introduced the B17 Competition in the 1950s. The B17 Competition saddle is a direct ancestor to the Standard Professional saddle. Brooks chamfered the edges and left off the bag loops to keep the weight down. They also used solid steel rivets.

    Brooks England Standard Professional guy in the flowers

    That saddle eventually evolved into the Standard Professional that Brooks brings back today. The newly re-released saddle features an exclusive hand-chamfered nose, along with copper rivets that first appeared between the late 1960s and early 1970s.

    The Standard Professional is available in limited quantities through the link below. Grab some cycling history and sit on it, your tush will thank you.

    Standard Professional Detail and Retail

    Brooks England Standard Professional antique brown packaging

    Retail: $240

    • Durable Vegetable Tanned Leather
    • Shapes Over Time
    • Lasting Comfort & Breathability
    • Extended 10-Year Guarantee
    • Handcrafted Since 1866

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