Andy Reid attends Kansas City Current soccer game wearing Hawaiian shirt: What is his fascination?

    Andy Reid is known for his serious expression on the football field but outside of that, the Kansas City Chiefs coach fosters a culture where bright colors and quirky fashion are always welcome.

    In a recent appearance at a Kansas City Current soccer match on Sunday, Reid wore a mutli-colored shirt emblazoned with the Current’s slogans.

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    When he stepped inside the CPKC Stadium for the Current‘s game against Seattle Reign, Reid‘s attire stole the headlines and hearts of the fans inside the arena.

    Not only did he take center stage to fire up the crowd, chanting “KC Baby” with the fans, he wore a floral, button-shirt Hawaiian-style shirt with the team’s colors and logo all over it.

    A number of Chiefs players were in the crowd to support the team owned by Patrick and Brittany Mahomes, highlighting the togetherness that exists in Kansas City in terms of supporting their sporting franchises.

    Current‘s head coach Vlatko Andonovski promised to return to the favor to Reid before the sold-out game begun, pledging to go visit the Chiefs during the regular season.

    “I promised to go back and support his team as well… as soon as he gives me tickets!!” Andonovski said.

    What is the story behind Andy Reid’s shirts?

    Reid‘s Hawaiian shirt obsession isn’t just a quirk of his style, it points to his personality and relaxed philosophy inside the locker room.

    His whole career has been built of inclusiveness and positivity – the players call him ‘Coach’ but see him as a fatherly figure – and his proclivity to wear floral shirts in his down time just reflects that.

    It’s not a recent thing, either. Reid‘s fascination with the Hawaiian shirt began in 2003 when he donned on at the Pro Bowl in Hawaii, wearing a traditional lei to respect the local culture.

    When asked about his fashion choices, the 65-year-old revealed that the larger fit suited a man of his stature.

    “They’re good for big guys,” Reid said to Sports Illustrated back in 2020. “Tommy Bahama must’ve had a big grandfather.”

    The Chiefs roster are all aware of his favorite outfit, so much so that they surprised him by wearing Chiefs-themed shirts when they won the Super Bowl in 2020.

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