Monday Roundup: Hochul’s blunder, Ladds 500, exhausting men, and more

    Welcome to the week.

    Let’s start things off with a recap of the best stories our community came across in the past seven days…

    **This week’s Roundup is sponsored by The eBike Store, where e-MTB season has begun.**

    Oh Hochul: New York Governor Kathy Hochul caved on congestion pricing and she might have cratered her political career as a result. It’s the biggest political blunder I’ve ever seen in the transportation space — and the latest reports say she might need to update her infamous video to say it’s back on again. (Streetsblog NYC)

    Engineering death: A former traffic engineer has written a tell-all about his former profession that lifts the veil on how design decisions are made and reads like a plea for reform. (Bloomberg)

    Kids these days: The “throttle kids” phenomenon we covered two years ago has made it into a national news outlet as the trend of kids hopping on e-bikes instead of cars is alive and well. (Wall St. Journal)

    Ladds 500 paean: A beautifully captured report on last April’s Ladds 500 event was well worth the wait. (Defector)

    Blumenauer’s e-bike gambit: Excellent context on the bill announced by Portland Congressman Earl Blumenauer last week that aims to boost competitiveness of American electric bike manufacturing. (The Verge)

    Heavy pedals: City of San Francisco employees are speeding all over the city, according to records dug up by a local news outlet that examined logs of the city’s vehicle fleet. (San Francisco Standard)

    Decibel dudes: Talk about validating my feelings about people who love making absurdly loud noises with their car (or motorcycle) exhaust! This study found guys who do this (and they’re almost always guys) are often sadistic, psychotic creeps. (Car and Driver)

    Power of bicycles: No big deal, just a story from a major city in Pakistan where women are building community and power by riding bicycles together. (Dawn)

    Don’t overlook education: Teaching people — especially women and underserved groups — how to be confident on a bike and to integrate cycling into their lifestyle can help cities save themselves and reach cycling mode split goals. (Bloomberg)

    Ride style: What should we make of the fact that one of the largest retailers of fast fashion in the world, H&M, delves into performance cycling apparel? (Global Cycling Network)

    “Age means nothing”: An inspirational tale from the recent Unbound gravel cycling race where a 73-year old rider not only finished but crushed the course. (Cycling Weekly)

    Thanks to everyone who sent in links this week. The Monday Roundup is a community effort, so please feel free to send us any great stories you come across.

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