DVO Topaz Prime & Jade X Prime Shocks Get More Air & Coil Adjustability for Easier Tuning

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    We already got a peek at the updated Prime adjustability for new DVO shocks earlier this spring at Sea Otter. But now we have more details about the upgrade, and they are actually available. Plus, there’s a bit more lurking in these revamped mountain bike shocks, than just a new knob on the outside.

    DVO Topaz air & Jade X coil Prime shocks add adjustability

    (Photos by Vojta Bláha/DVO)

    We previewed the new Prime controls at Sea Otter back in April. But then we first noticed the new green dial out in the real world, on the beautifully-machined Actofive P-Train enduro bike of Vojta Bláha. He shared pics of his blue-on-the-right, silver-on-the-left rig in the lead-up to the UCI Enduro World Cup in Finale Ligure.

    DVO Topaz Prime air shocks add adjustability, hike-a-bike sessioning
    (Photo by Adéla Šafránková/Vojta Bláha)

    More complex than simply slapping some dials on the outside, the new Prime family features an all-new piston and shim stack inside. You get all-new oil flow paths to provide real, usable adjustability.

    More usable adjustability, for easier tuning

    DVO Topaz Prime air shocks add adjustability, UCI Enduro World Cup Poland
    (Photo by Cory Benson)

    Whether you are a pro enduro racer looking to fine-tune setup in between practice & race runs, or an amateur rider looking to get the best grip and feel out of your bike, easy adjustability is nice. But more isn’t always better. We’ve seen plenty of suspension components with 30-clicks, and little noticeable difference on the trail.

    DVO assures that their new Prime circuit has been “meticulously tuned” to offer wide adjustment range. And tuned to deliver real control of your suspension. This isn’t for a set-it-and-forget-it rider, but someone looking to really tweak their suspension setup depending on trail conditions and riding style.

    What’s new?

    DVO Topaz Prime air shocks add adjustability, detail
    (Photo by Vojta Bláha)

    What we see new on the outside of Vojta’s DVO Topaz Prime shock are two all-new tool-free external dials for high- & low-speed compression adjustment, plus a redesigned low-speed rebound knob.

    MY24 DVO Topaz Prime air and Jade X Prime coil shocks add adjustability, cutaway

    The big green high-speed compression (HSC, for fast movement >500mm/second) circuit gets 10-clicks to adjust how supportive the bike is over “sudden g-outs, square-edge hits, and deep landings”. The smaller black low-speed compression (LSC, for slower shock movement of 1-500mm/second) circuit has just 6-clicks to give you control over the general ‘plush-to-supportive’ feel of the suspension through most riding.

    DVO explains that the focus of the new Prime circuit redesign was to offer a wide usable HSC adjustment range that could “move increased oil velocities with zero hydro-lock” to allow the suspension to “react quickly to rapidly ever-changing trail conditions”. No small feat, as more adjustability often means oil flow is more restricted at adjustment extremes.

    Same Prime adjustability for air & coil shocks

    MY24 DVO Topaz Prime air and Jade X Prime coil shocks add adjustability, new internals

    The nice thing about the similar piggyback compression circuit design of DVO’s air Topaz & coil Jade X shocks, is that they both can benefit from the same Prime damping adjustability update.

    MY24 DVO Jade X Prime coil shocks add adjustability

    The Jade X Prime coil gets the same compression adjustability, plus its own redesigned low-speed rebound adjustment dial at the other end of the shock that’s easy to spin & feel its detents with gloves.

    Other functional shock performance upgrades

    CY24 DVO Topaz Prime air and Jade X Prime coil shocks add adjustability, details

    Both new DVO Topaz & Jade X shocks also benefit from new construction of their air bladder in that piggyback. A new material for the bladder, redesigned seal, and new valve core should allow riders to use lower pressures inside, and a wider range of usable adjustability per rider to dial in their level of support..

    DVO says the lower bladder pressures should also mean improved durability and reduced pressure loss over time, for more consistent performance. Officially, the bladder operation pressure range (140-180psi) is the same though, so we’d have to try it out to see.

    Both updated and carry-over Jade X & Topazes also get improved bushings meant to deliver smoother stroke & better durability, even when a little frame flex adds extra side-loading to the shocks. The MY24 Topaz series also features “an updated and oversized seal head and inner shaft, designed to further enhance performance and durability”.

    DVO Prime shock updates: Pricing, availability & options

    MY24 DVO Topaz Prime air and Jade X Prime coil shocks add adjustability

    Both new DVO Topaz Prime air and Jade X Prime coil shocks are available now for the same $599 pricetag, shipping worldwide. Developed to give pro and amateur mountain bikers more control of their suspension, they are generally available in similar sizes as their predecessors. While the Primes are fifty bucks more than the previous generation, those previous shocks also come down in price by another fifty bucks making them more affordable now, too.

    In fact, the new Jade-X Prime adds an additional new longer eye-to-eye length option for each Metric & Trunnion sizes. And while the Topaz Prime actually drops one eye-to-eye option each, it adds new stroke lengths to choose from.

    DVO Topaz Prime air and Jade X Prime coil shocks add adjustability_photo by Adela Safrankova_Vojta Blaha jump
    (Photo by Adéla Šafránková/Vojta Bláha)

    DVO also notes that the Prime shocks are a bit wider at the new controls. So, there are a few bikes that would fit the old shocks, but not these more-adjustable iterations. Check their list, and double-check your frame for compatibility throughout its travel.

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