Oscar De La Hoya's serious accusation to provoke Canelo Alvarez: I know for a fact people are stealing from you

    Oscar De La Hoya and Canelo Alvarez‘s amicable relationship collapsed on June 10 in a sensational video from Golden Boy where he lashes out at the undisputed super-middleweight champion, accusing him of defamation and “talking s**t.”

    The pair used to be client and cliental through the 33-year-old Mexican’s boxing career, before their relationship soured and they parted ways in 2020 as Canelo quit Golden Boy Promotions and since then, they’ve had a feud bubbling away under the surface.

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    They’ve generally managed to keep a lid on it, although there was a flare up ahead of the fight against Jaime Munguia in May, and now the volcano has finally erupted as 51-year-old De La Hoya struck out online after Canelo appeared to aggravate him by suggesting he stole from him.

    Canelo, I’ve just saw a video where you’re still talking s**t, all you say is, ‘F**k him, f**k that. Oh, he stole from me’, De La Hoya began, as per Boxing Kingdom on, formerly Twitter. “Obviously aside from defaming me, why don’t you look inside your own circle because I know from a fact that people are stealing from you.

    “By the way, you lined my pockets and you’re making me a s**t load of money all because you’re afraid of David Benavidez… F**k you.”

    De La Hoya ended the video, during which he was sat high-rise apartment building with the backdrop of Las Vegas behind him, by drinking some red wine and flipping off the camera, clearly intended for Canelo.

    Why do the pair not get on?

    The first sign of a break in the relationship between the American and the Mexican came in 2019 after Canelo beat Danny Jacobs, with DAZN expecting an immediate trilogy fight against Gennady Golovkin.

    However, Canelo did not do this and moved on to fight Sergey Kovalev instead. By doing so, this left Canelo angry with Golden Boy Promotions, who had told DAZN they had his signature for the GGG fight, whilst the Mexican himself denied it and refused as it wasn’t a part of his contract.

    They then split in 2020 and since then, they might have been on amicable terms, but they certainly did not get along either. In the following years, they’ve took some shots at each other through the media, but it wasn’t that serious until the Munguia fight in May 2024.

    Here, De La Hoya said he has respect for Canelo but then went on to say Golden Boy Promotions built him up and they, and himself specifically, deserves the respect which left his ex-partner fuming.

    “Don’t you talk to me like that,” Canelo said, hitting back in front of the media in Las Vegas. “Don’t you f*king’ talk to me like that!

    “He tried to steal money and he’s a f**ng asshole, he tried to keep the attention for him, not for Munguia. F*king p***y! Mother f**ker!”

    He then continued to hurl insults at De La Hoya in his native Spanish, whilst his ex-manager reference two drugs tests that he failed before the original date of the 2018 fight against Golovkin.

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